Vintage Car Radios is for those car collectors and car restorers who must have vintage car 1955 Thunderbirdradios and vintage truck radios for their vintage and classic cars and trucks.

Nothing else will do, because you want a 100% original vintage or classic car, and an OEM radio is that finishing touch that really completes an interior for show-winning results.

For the ultimate in vintage car ownership, cruising around town in your highly original collector car or truck is often spoiled by seeing that ill-fitting modern radio sitting in your dashboard.

Or worse – having to stare at a hole in your dashboard where the vintage OEM radio once sat.

This just won’t do!

An Incomplete Dashboard Will Hurt You At Competitions

It’s a fact that not having the correct vintage OEM radio in your classic only will hurt it at competitions.

Original or resto-mod – you have a classic car or truck that you worked hard to restore and you want it to be complete.

Why let the lack of an OEM radio get in the way of fun?

Vintage Dashboard

Many Old Car Radios Were Removed Back In The Day

The sad fact is, many of the cars we used to drive as kids had their old AM radios (and 8-tracks too) removed and replaced with aftermarket AM/FM cassette units so we could take our music with us.

I have to admit that I did this too. I removed the original AM 8 Track radio in my 1972 Monte Carlo and replaced it with an aftermarket AM/FM cassette unit – guilty as charged!

Little did we know that someday we would be seeking those original vintage radios to make our collector cars complete!

Vintage Car Radios Are Hard To Find Locallyswap meet

After replacing the metal that was cut out to accommodate a modern AM/FM cassette radio (along with the entire dashboard) in my 1967 Pontiac Tempest, I realized that vintage car radios were hard to find as I searched high and low for a plain and simple OEM AM radio.

It took me a couple of years trudging through local swap meets and car shows to find an original Pontiac AM radio for my Tempest.

Swap Meets And Car Shows

In the beginning, the only way I could find vintage car radios for my projects was at local swap meets and car shows. It was a truly hit or miss process as you never know what you’re going to find. And I hardly ever found exactly what I was looking for.

It could take literally years to find what I was looking for. Or, worst case, I would never find what I needed.

ebay – A Great Place To Find Vintage Car Radios?ebay

Then, by accident, I stumbled on vintage car radios on ebay!

This was definitely a life-changing moment for me. Within seconds, I had access to literally thousands of vintage radios for just about every car or truck imaginable – right at my finger tips!

And – I could search by vehicle and model number in many cases to find correct radio for my collector cars and trucks.

This research capability is invaluable – meaning that ebay can be used to help verify the correct radio for your classic!

Other eBay benefits include the ability to research prices by looking at already sold radios. This is a great benefit to make sure you get a good deal on the vintage car radio you buy.

Naturally, I wanted to let everyone else who loves old cars and trucks in on my little “secret.” Who would have ever believed that, of all places, eBay would be a great place to find that radio for your car or truck?

So, I built this website,, to make sure everyone knows that he or she can find the exact old radio needed for their vintage car or truck.

How To Buy Vintage Car Radios – On eBay

Like any other type of vintage car part shopping, an educated and informed buyer will make the best purchase, getting the best value for his or her money.

This is why I wrote a guide – How To Buy A Vintage Car Radio On eBay. Just click the link and you can gather all the information you need to find the best radio for your old car or truck.

I sincerely hope my little website is a good resource in your efforts to complete your vintage car restoration.

To make the best use of this website, make sure you use the search feature (upper right corner) to find the vintage radio you need.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contacting me here (click this link).